General recommendations and tips before taking HGH

General recommendations and tips before taking HGH

More than 80% of our patients receive a positive result as:

- Reduce % fat on the body, 3-5 kg per per month. Decrease in internal fat, cellulite reduction

- Relief muscles, 2-3 kg muscle gain per month

- Stopping or delaying aging, smoothing wrinkles

- in individual cases in men, an improvement in potency and libido

Basic and simple recommendations

- Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day, 8 at night or 6-7 at night and 1-2 in the afternoon, so that 8 full hours come out

HGH sleep

- Drink plenty of water, at least 3 liters per day, you can set a reminder and drink a glass of water every hour

- On injection days. completely eliminate alcohol

HGH and Alcohol

- High protein diet, a diet of 150-200 grams of protein (protein supplements can be used

HGH protein

- Vitamin intake, e.g. "Opti-Men Multivitamin"

HGH Vitamins

- Regular training 3-4 times a week for 1 hour in the gym, 1-2 hours of cardio (running, bicycle, ellipsoid)

Know nothing of the gym and exercises? No problem, try to find a good personal trainer

- More fruits and vegetables, less junk fatty foods (fried)

HGH diet

- Less stress, stress hormone levels increase stress (Stress is our Enemy)

- Start changing your life in small steps and new good habits

Enjoy the process and get positive, by following these simple recommendations you will achieve success and good results.

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