International delivery of HGH

International delivery for our customers is free of charge and to any destination country. Sent from our main office in Bangkok using EMS Thailand Post. In your country, local delivery is carried out by a local postal service.

Estimated delivery time 3-6 days

HGH Australia

Guarantees and security of delivery at customs

For many countries, with the exception of Thailand, HGH is released only according to medical prescription.

For our clients, we provide you with a genuine medical prescription from a doctor in Bangkok clinic in your name on the basis of blood tests, the prescription will be sent with your order, with a receipt.

with all the necessary documents for the successful passage of customs

For more than 7 years experience with international delivery, we have developed experience in 100% safe delivery, knowing the features of delivery to individual countries

HGH Germany

Risks with confiscated at customs

We take all possible risks, delay, loss of your order and confiscation. In these cases, we will refund your money or make a free refund.

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Long-term storage of HGH should occur at a temperature of 2-8 C

in an unreduced state, HGH is acceptable at higher room temperatures (delivery period)

Does not affect its properties or quality! No more than 21 days!

Packaging takes place in a thermal package that protects HGH from high temperatures of external exposure.

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