Christmas promotion! 🎄Only from 15th November to 25th December!

48 hours left! 🔥 Christmas promotion! 🎄Only from 15th November to 25th December!🎄only-from-15th-november-to-25th-december

Christmas sets:

Genotropin Goqick 36 IU pens - buy 10, get 3 free! 
Note! Regular price per 10 pens $4,250 USD, buy 10, get 3 free!
Norditropin NordiFlex 45 IU pens - buy 8, get 3 free!
Note! Regular price per 8 pens $4,400 USD, buy 8, get 3 free!

Order by link
promo code: T2X1SXPTKX7Q



Promotion valid from 15th November to 25th December only;
We will not ship from 25th December to 5th January (all order placed on this time will ship after 5th January.


Note: We recommend place Christmas orders before 15th December, to not get any delays on delivery time


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