Payment HGH by subscription. How it works?

Many customers want to purchase a full 6 month course, but are not willing to pay the full amount at once.

To do this, we offer you a convenient payment wholesale cheaper price than retail system in parts for 5 months, in equal parts, at a fixed price.

HGH Thailand

For subscription payments delivery is free by UPS (take 1-2 days only)

After subscribing, you must pay the entire course of 5 months under the agreement

Details and subscription through our site manager

We pay attention, discounts of regular customers, discounts on promotions are not available for payments on a sub-list by subscription

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Alex - October 15, 2020

Hi, the total cost of the course is divided into equal parts and paid in installments

Alan Mcdade - August 5, 2019

Hi can you give cost or for subscription

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