HGH lose weight in Thailand

HGH lose weight in Thailand | Use Genotropin for lose fat in Bangkok

HGH Thailand lose weight in Bangkok


Human Growth Hormone (somatotropin, HGH) most people in Thailand are associated with the processes of muscle building athletes. The way it is – HGH has a strong anabolic effect, encouraging the growth of muscles, strengthens the immune system and even causes the effect of total rejuvenation. For these opportunities from the ability to reduce body fat is usually lost sight of, but in vain – the growth hormone to burn extra pounds great.

 For illustration, you can turn to the study of Bangkok University in 1998, in which 24 adults received daily dose of 2 mg - 5 mg HGH for six months. During this period their body mass did not decreased, but the ratio between muscle and adipose tissue has changed dramatically – on average, each participant gained 5.5 pounds of muscle and, most importantly, lost 5.7 kg of fat.

And the greatest fat loss was noted in the abdomen. No wonder the last time it was drugs as Genotropin , jintropin and ansomone and other drugs growth hormone of choice for many athletes who seek to reduce the percentage of body fat.

 How does H for weight loss?

A large part of the fat-burning properties of HGH is associated with its effect on the metabolism. Metabolism, It is well known that almost any cell in the human body is powered by either fatty acids or glucose. And if the amount of glucose in the blood is regulated by the anabolic Insulin hormone, the amount of fatty acids in the growth hormone.

The goal you want to achieve weight loss and reduction of fat, is to force the cells to eat more fats than glucose. Insulin is not the answer – it keeps the glucose at a normal level and stores it in spades. In any case, it causes cells to eat that glucose, not fat, simultaneously increasing the formation of fatty acids in the liver.

But HGH being a kind of antagonist of insulin, is trying to reduce the use of cell glucose and force her to eat fatty acids. To do this, it embeds itself in the membrane of fat cells and serves as transport system that takes them from fatty acids, bringing them into blood, and gives them oxygen. In other words, it turns the process of lipolysis, i.e. reducing the number of fat cells.

And most importantly, no HGH fat cells just will not give up its contents and not be destroyed. But if the cells of the body will need more fatty acids, and the breakdown of fat cells under the action of growth hormone increase, and the mobilization of fat from deposits will increase, which will lead to weight loss.

If you really want to summarize, the body just starts to eat its own fat. And for this, first and foremost, you need a sufficient amount of growth hormone.


 HGH Thailand lose fat in Bangkok


 The course of growth hormone for weight loss in Bangkok

There are several regimens of growth hormone. Each of them aims at different objectives and it is best before introducing any of them to consult a doctor in Thailand. Or, at least, to make sure losing weight there are no problems with thyroid hormones and sex hormones, otherwise the expected effects of HGH just doesn't show up.

The classic course of HGH for weight loss and achieve relief of muscle starts with subcutaneous injections of 2 units of the drug daily. If they do not exhibit the side effects (below), then the second week you can increase the dose to 5 units, but no more – long presence in the body of large doses of growth hormone will lead to the fact that the pancreas in an attempt to balance the entire amount due amount of insulin is overworked.

Note: Sometimes even recommended to help the pancreas in this by making additional insulin injections. But it is important for schemes the use of growth hormone in high dosages, more than 5 units per day.

To inject growth hormone when in the body it creates the best possible conditions, i.e. with reduced blood sugar. It periods before meals (a good time on an empty stomach in the morning) and during or after intense exercise, when sugar is consumed in physical activity. Recommended subcutaneous injection, although there were positive comments about the introduction of HGH intramuscularly. Usually inject in the stomach, which helps point to burn fat in this region.

The entire course of HGH should not exceed 6 months. During this time, according to experts, losing weight is losing 2 pounds of fat and gaining 2 pounds of muscle per month , without dieting and exercise. But most importantly, the effect of any actions aimed at getting rid of excess weight, will be significantly enhanced. So, the General weight-loss results on the growth hormone is much more impressive than the scientists.

 In the period of the course to enhance the effect of HGH need to enter in the regime of athletic training, primarily to power, 2-3 times a week. Periodically strength training need to be diluted aerobic. In order to help the growth hormone switch the body into fat metabolism, you can enter soft carbohydrate-free diet. In General, although there is a recommendation to stick to an average calorie diet (i.e. to eat and spend about the same amount of calories), even the power supply circuit with excess calories can bring the desired fat burning effect.

During the course for best weight loss is recommended to drink and other weight loss – growth hormone almost does not conflict with any of them. Especially well the thyroid hormones, e.g. thyroxine (100-150 µg daily) or triiodothyronine (25 µg daily).

Not only are they fat burners by themselves, but also a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. And in the course of the growth hormone she needs it – HGH inhibits its function and may even lead to its increase, so that thyroid hormones during this period will help to reduce the manifestation of possible side effects.

ECA and clenbuterol background on the course of growth hormone also enhance your fat burning effects, although, however, increases the risk of their side effects.

HGH Thailand burn fat


Side effects of HGH

In fact, HGH is natural for human body. For example, with age, its "own" volume in humans is reduced, so that the restoring of obtaining HGH from outside looks quite harmless phenomenon, all the more so when it is not suppressed independent of hormone in the body.

This is the minimal side effects of HGH. It is often compared with steroids (the effect is similar, and uses about the same groups of individuals), but it does not affect the production of sex hormones, and due to a different mechanism of action has less unpleasant consequences. Also after a course of growth hormone is not required for post-cycle therapy, it also tells about his safety.

In Thailand there is a myth that the use of growth hormone for weight loss leads to an increase of the ears, nose, cheeks, tongue, cartilage, bones (with the appearance of ugly bumps in the places of joints of the joints), heart and other internal organs (in the example given "pregnant bodybuilders" are professional athletes who have grown bodies and now characteristically bulging abdomen).

All this can indeed occur, but only when you abuse the drug with a significant excess of recommended dosages. A common use HGH to weight loss similar to does not.

The most frequent real side effect of HGH – carpal tunnel syndrome, characterized by numbness of the limbs. But it is associated with the compression of nerves in the periphery increased muscles, so the rate of weight loss has less risk of syndrome.

The negative impact on the pancreas and thyroid gland, as mentioned above. Prescription – insulin and thyroid hormones, respectively. After discontinuation of growth hormone function, glands recover.

Rare side effect is an increase in pressure, which can prevent or reduce the doses of HGH, or medications that reduce blood pressure.

 Where to buy growth hormone in Thailand?

Purchase growth hormone is probably the most important stage of his course. The fact is that most dieters are buying HGH from dealers "with hands" or through questionable websites. But 75% of the drug in Thailand a broken fake. And even real life friends have purchased may not work due to the fact that those it was incorrectly stored – HGH should keep in the refrigerator, it increases its shelf life.

One conclusion is to buy growth hormone only in the pharmacy. It is a prohibited drug, but only for sports (doping). Buy growth hormone for weight loss you can quite legally find in Bangkok. Certified drugs HGH are the "Genotropin", "Ansomone" and "Jintropin". All. And the popular "top four", "blue Tops" and "Norditropin" is 100% fake. And even when you purchase a certified drug pharmacy you should not forget to check the protective sticker on the packaging that is attached by manufacturers to combat counterfeiting.

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