HGH For Women - Anti-Aging Therapy in Thailand

HGH For Women - Anti-Aging Therapy in Thailand

HGH For Women - Anti-Aging Therapy in Thailand

The Human Growth Hormone against premature aging. The results of clinical trials in Thailand. In 1999, the national Institute in Thailand on aging has published one of his many important studies relevant to the effectiveness of substitution therapy with the use of human growth hormone (HGH).

The purpose of this study was objective and not just trying to confirm the efficacy of hormone treatment HGH, but to conduct a balanced study which would enhance the medical knowledge related to the potential use of HGH in anti-aging. Study participants were divided into two groups.

The experimental group received injections of HGH, whereas the control group received injections of a placebo.

A double-blind study of HGH

The study by nature was a double-blind, i.e. neither the doctors nor patients knew who received injections of HGH, but who injected a placebo. This study was also a national event that includes clinics from across the Thailand.

Participated in the trials, both patients and some with symptoms of deficiency of human growth hormone. A group of objects of the study were significant in size and was able to provide high levels of reliability with the ability to detect even the low standards of significance.

Injection HGH combined with other forms of treatment

Although this study was mainly devoted to the replacement therapy using human growth hormone, if necessary, patients also received testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

The aim of this study was not only to demonstrate the possible benefits of human growth hormone and like other hormones, such as testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. It was to promote as well the therapeutic potential of HGH injections.

The use of HGH reported by the patient

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, published a clinical study in which replacement therapy of HGH hormone were given to the patients suffering from deficiency of human growth hormone.

These patients had a very wide age range. The youngest patient was 27 years old and the oldest patient 82. In the beginning of the study, Dr. Hertoghe and his colleagues meticulously documented the condition of all patients.

After they documented the health status of their patients, they made the replacement injection hormone HGH during two months. Dr. Hertoghe was found with his patients and asked them to fill out a survey in which they answered about the effects of treatment using a questionnaire explaining what benefits they received from injections of human growth hormone.

The following is a list of all the questions of the questionnaire and the percentage of patients who responded indicating that their condition had improved.

Physical signs of HGH deficiency and aging:

- The Reduced number of wrinkles on the face – 75,5 %

Wrinkles is one of the most visible signs of aging.The skin begins to lose its elasticity and fullness and it formed as light lines and deep wrinkles. The vast majority of patients who have benefited from injections of human growth hormone, indicated that the HGH has softened fine lines or led to the disappearance of wrinkles.

Injections with human growth hormone are able to moisturize the skin cells and improve the strength of the facial muscles, both of which play a role in the disappearance of wrinkles.

- Tighter skin on the neck and face – 67 %

When men and women age, the muscles weaken under the skin, causing a loosening of the skin on the muscle. Nearly two-thirds of Dr. Hertoghe’s patients reported that as a result of replacement therapy with human growth hormone has decreased skin sagging on the neck and face. Injections of HGH were able to increase the muscle tone of the body, which became his benefit.

- More solid muscles is 60.7 %

More than six out of ten patients included in the study of Dr Hertoghe, within two months of HGH injections, muscle tone changed. The human growth hormone was able to increase, like muscle tone, and muscle size by changing the aesthetic appearance of the muscles and their strength.

If patients have healthy levels of human growth hormone, muscles get more energy and fuel in the form of insulin-like growth factor 1, which optimizes muscle health, especially in combination with some useful exercises and diet.

- The lower level of body fat – 48 %

Almost half of the patients who participated in this study as a result of HGH injections changed the body mass index. The human growth hormone plays an important role in metabolism, which greatly affects how the muscles and deposits of animal fat in the body, but especially around the midsection.

The liver turns HGH into IGF-1, and has the ability to break down unhealthy fat tissue and turn it into extra energy!

- A thicker, stronger leather to 34.5 %

More than a third of respondents noted a significant change in skin tone. These patients experienced a change in the structure of the skin. The result is tension of the muscles and increased cell hydration, not only wrinkles and sagging skin have a tendency to disappear, but these physiological changes also contribute to increase the flexibility and volume of the skin.

Skin cells like any other cells in the body require optimal appropriate hydration function. Skin cells are no different. The difference is that the skin is an organ that is constantly exposed to external pressure, such as sunlight, temperature and wind.

The HGH can protect the skin from the elements and prevent dehydration, which helps the skin to stay durable, strong and resist from damage.

- Increased hair volume – 28,1 %

More than a quarter of participants in this study experienced changes in their hair as a result of exposure of human growth hormone. Although this positive result is rather tertiary, a significant part of those who took HGH treatment, consider healthier hair as a result of treatment.

When skin cells appropriately hydrate and rejuvenate, it also enhances the health of hair follicles. Hair follicles is simply a deactivated type of skin cells so that skin health also plays a direct role in the health of the hair. Cognitive and emotional germanosilicate use of hormone therapy, human growth

- A General increase in emotional balance – 71,4 %

Almost three-quarters of patients experienced an improvement in General emotional state. Deficiency of human growth hormone for a long time led to a decrease in mental health and the results of this study provide additional evidence that the deficiency of human growth hormone can worsen mental health.

For many patients, HGH just able to make daily life more tolerable and enjoyable. This is partially due to changes in self-perception that arise from physical changes that occur in the body, but HGH is also capable of optimizing brain chemistry!

- Increased energy levels – 86.8%

Among patients participating in the study. Thierry, almost 9 out of every 10 patients experienced increased levels of energy. Most patients who suffer from disorders, HGH deficiency manifests as fatigue. HGH is able to stimulate the body, helping You stay alert and more willing to take a day. The human growth hormone is capable of this for many reasons.

One of the reasons is that it increases the body's ability to experience the ultimate in rejuvenation as a result of sleep. Another reason is that the decomposition of animal fat, as a result of the IGF-1, provides the body high levels of energy on a chemical level.

- Increased physical stamina – 86,04%

In addition to raise the general energy levels, the human growth hormone is able to increase physical ability to work for those who are suffering from deficiency of this hormone.

- Over 85% of respondents in clinical trials.

Thierry reported that as a result of the HGH injections has increased ability to perform exercises and physical work. The human growth hormone reveals increased levels of metabolism that provides muscles increased energy. This increase in energy improves the body's ability to withstand increased levels of physical activity in addition to the increase in use of this work.

Also, hormone replacement therapy HGH increases the rate at which the body recovers after exercise and injury. Rejuvenating Increased activity during the hours of sleep means that You can exercise harder and more often without feeling tiredness.

- You can not go to bed late with fewer negative effects – 82,5 %

Replacement therapy with human growth hormone improves the body's ability to get the most out of his sleep. HGH is secreted primarily at night and this occurs when the body recovers from fatigue and the wear, tear accumulated during the day. For patients with deficiency of HGH, the body is not experiencing the full benefits of healthy sleep and eventually suffer from it.

Although the most useful should have sleep at night for eight hours, patients with healthy HGH levels, if necessary, can function more optimally with less sleep. In addition, patients suffering from moderate sleep disorders, HGH can help restore healthy sleep habits, restoring the natural circadian rhythm of the body.

- Increased ability to withstand stress – 83,7 %

Stress is one of the most grueling experiences of the modern world. Anxiety and stress can prevent everything from happiness to self-realization, increasing the risk of physical sickness such as cardiovascular disease, insomnia and stroke. Have more than 4 of 5 patients in this study in the two-month treatment of HGH decreased levels of stress. Patients with HGH deficiency tended to increase cortisol levels and decrease energy levels, which make them more susceptible to stress.


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