How and what temperature store HGH?

How and what temperature store HGH?

1. Storage is not mixed (non-activated Human Growth Hormone)
2. Storage conditions of mixed, activated HGH
3. Overheating and clouding of Human Growth Hormone
4. What happens if you freeze my HGH
5. Crystallization of HGH

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Storage is not mixed (non-activated growth hormone)

Unactivated, not mixed growth hormone in a state of powder can be up to 2 weeks at a temperature of 8-25 C degrees (room temperature) in a protected dark place from direct sunlight, for example for an international delivery period of 1-3 or 4-6 days or transporting the patient's journey

Our company HGH Thailand delivers courier delivery in a medical container with ice, regardless of the weather and temperature outside

In the additional option you can add a thermal container for transportation or a thermo bag depending on the quantity

Storage conditions of mixed, activated HGH

After mixing somatotropin, a mixed-HGH necessary special storage conditions, the human growth hormone becomes an active substance sensitive to high temperatures.

The optimal temperature of the mixed growth hormone is from 8-13 above zero, but in no case do not freeze

The optimal storage space is a refrigerator, a compartment for fruits and vegetables.

Higher temperatures no more than 12 hours and no higher than 25 degrees!

Our HGH Thailand Pharmacy as an additional option provides a thermal bag for transportation and travel, when placing an order, please do not forget about the additional option, our courier will deliver the bag along with the main order

Overheating and clouding of Human Growth Hormone

If the mixed of HGH overheats, the liquid will become turbid in color, if you allow it - do not use it 

What happens if you freeze my HGH?

Unlike overheating, growth hormone is better to tolerate frosts and ice conditions, but you can safely use frozen growth hormone up to 50% but with higher dosage

Crystallization of HGH 

HGH powder can go into a different crystal state - this is absolutely normal

Thank you in writing the article, doctor of endocrinologist category 1 specialist laboratory research of human growth hormone Dr. Chris Volski

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