How to do a self HGH injection by Genotropin goquick 36IU

How to do a self HGH injection by Genotropin goquick 36IU

Genotropin - is a unique product of growth hormone in Thailand and in other countries, has established itself as a quality convenient and safe product

How to independently inject HGH?

After you activated the HGH pen set the dosage you need, you can start injecting

 Genotropin HGH instruction how make injection

- remove the protective cap from the needle

Genotropin HGH instruction

- everything is ready for injection, the injection is done with clean hands and the skin is pre-treated with alcohol

HGH inject

- The task of injecting growth hormone under the skin into the fat layer (not muscle)

Note! You can use any place on the body (buttock, leg, stomach or shoulder)

- Next, you need to enter a needle to a depth of 5 millimeters, you can do at a right angle or slope - as in the picture

hgh ingwctuions with genotopin

- Please do not worry, the needle is very thin, it does not hurt at all

- Then just press the button and hold for 5 seconds

somatropin injection

Ready! it's very simple with the help of injections of growth hormone, you are getting younger and healthier every day

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