HGH Pharmacy in Bangkok - accept for payment Western Union

HGH Pharmacy in Bangkok

How to make Western Union International Money Transfer?

Now you can pay for your orders on our website using the international
money transfer system Western Union. You can transfer money in any
office of the company agent

in your country , office search by link on the official site

The Western Union transfer is the most secure system, you can use
online mode to track the transfer process of the half-way of your
transfer or return

How to pay by Western Union for HGH products?

After placing an order on our website and choosing the payment method
"Western Union" you will receive information on your email  with the
payment details.

Next with the data you received, you should go to the nearest office
for a money transfer. The transaction process takes no more than 15

After sending the transfer you will receive a 10-digit tracking number
(MTCN) name surname sender's name and transfer amount

Note (please keep the financial document)

International delivery of growth hormone from Thailand

After confirmed payment, your order will be sent within 12 hours

We take care of the receipt of payment and delivery for our customers


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