Paying Bitcoins for HGH with a credit card - without creating a personal Bitcoin wallet (the fastest 5-10 min)

Below is a way to experience from other customers completely simple and 100% safe.

Step 1 - Place order

After placing your order, you will receive an email or SMS (WhatsApp) message with the number of our Bitcoin wallet and your order number (order number must be specified in the note to the payment (or screenshot of payment)

Step 2 - Credit Card Payment for Bitcoin Transfers

Using our official partner site, you can pay for your order using your credit card directly to our wallet or to yours if you have your own wallet

The easiest and fastest (does not require your own bitcoin wallet) - The largest and safest bitcoin exchange for a credit card


Paying Bitcoins for HGH with a credit card

you just need to set the required amount for transfer, which you will be asked to enter the recipient’s number and credit card payment fields

Further specify the number of our wallet to pay for your order.


Further, in a secure SSL window, you will be prompted to enter credit card details and complete the transfer.

We act as a guarantor of this payment method and confirm 100% security (or we will refund your money)

Further, after payment you will receive an email receipt for payment
Please take a screenshot, take a photo and save it.

Further contact us to confirm payment.

After confirming the order, your order will be shipped within 3 hours 

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